Imperia Online: Khalifat

Genre: Strategy

Imperia Online: Khalifat — an online strategy game with an Arabic twist. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a ruler of an empire in a land of sun and sand? In this free browser game you will use strategic thinking, careful planning and diplomacy to turn your small village into a mighty caliphate. 

When war is at your doorstep

Military campaigns are crucial for the success of your empire. But make no mistake, the size of your army isn't always the key to success. Your spies can obtain valuable information from the enemy. And investing your resources into military technologies will make you army stronger.

Culture — another way to showcase your power 

Building a powerful empire isn't always about making war and gathering resources. Museums, palaces and other architectural marvels can make you stand out among your neighbors and bring happiness to your people.

Trade — a key to prosperity 

Not interested in conquest? Try trading with neighboring kingdoms to increase your profits. This game also allows you to establish colonies that will make your realm even stronger. Construct a Colonial Administration or another type that will influence the game in a unique way.

The art of negotiations 

A strong army and a powerful economy won't make your empire invincible.  Some enemies are just too tough to take down on your own.  Use your diplomatic skills to form alliances with other kingdoms. That way someone will always be there to lend you a hand. 

Develop your economy, invest in science, defend your borders and negotiate with your neighbors to establish your Caliphate!  

game rating: 5

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kazdvatri11 months ago
reminds me of age of empires
clyons3511 months ago
ikorkin21 year ago
mmm, Arabica!